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Rutgers Fires Coach and 3 Resign after video surfaces

New Brunswick NJ: Mike Rice was fired as head coach of Rutgers Mens Basketball program on Wednesday amid furor over video of him berating, pushing, kicking and abusing his players and that’s putting it mildly.

Tim Pernetti the Athletic Director handed in his resignation on Friday after an assistant basketball coach and interim general counsel John Wolf, who had been advising him when the tapes surfaced last year.

The video aired on ESPN’s Outside the lines April 2nd and then heads started to roll. Eric Murdock, a former assistant coach at Rutgers claims he reported the abuse to Pernetti last Summer and no action was taken with the exception of Murdock being fired from his position at Rutgers in July.

In December Pernetti and other Rutgers officials saw the video and suspended Coach Rice for three games and Fined him $50,000 along with the fine and suspension Rice was not only banned from any contact with his players or going on recruiting visits, but was banned from coming onto campus at all. Pernetti characterized the suspension as “a complete removal from the program,” but stated that Rice would return to Rutgers for the 2013-14 season pending a review of his behavior.

Eric Murdock a former All-American at Providence College,also played nine years in the NBA exposed coach Rice. Murdock was quoted “it’s unbelievable to me that some would feel that technique can be successful”.

Looks like Murdock finally gets the justice he sought last year.

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