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Rockets Defeat The Nets

Coming off of a solid overtime win against the Pistons on Wednesday, The Brooklyn Nets look for their first back to back win of the season as they take on the Houston Rockets in the Barclays Center.

Both Caris LeVert and D’Angelo Russell finished the first half sizzling on offense, but as the 2nd half came underway the Rockets flipped the switch and turned around the game; The Nets’ defense on the perimeter began to break down as the Rockets knocked down treys;

LeVert finished the night with 29 points, Joe Harris added 18 points, going 4/4 from 3 points territory. That would not be enough to hold off the Rockets as they defeat the Nets 119-111

As the Nets approach the 10 game mark, what have we seen so far this season?

  • One major problem that has become evident is that the Nets have not found their identity. While they are a group of young players with a young core, establishing a “leader” is imperative and they have not done that. D’Angelo Russell should be in that slot, but he has not stepped up to that role; Without a leader how does a team flourish?
  • Caris LeVert has made solid improvements this season, on both ends of the floor. LeVert’s build and athleticism has been a plus on defense, while on offense he has shows that he can score anywhere on the floor. However consistency is key, and at times LeVert has not stayed consistent. In his third season with the Nets, LeVert looks to secure a starting spot with DeMarre Carroll out. Consistency throughout the season will be important.
  • Jarrett Allen is a solid big. The young player is a long agile center and a blocking monster. As he develops his shot he will definitely be a force for this team. Ed Davis has also shown himself to be a great addition defensively for the bigs.
  • Joe Harris has proven to be a knock down shooter for this team. He continues to improve on offense, as he shoots close to 60% from 3 so far this season.
  • Spencer Dinwiddie has made solid plays late in the stretch for the Nets, he has proven to be a solid backup guard behind Russell.
  • Will Kenneth Faried make it into the rotation? He also can contribute defensive help under the basket.

The Nets will have to continue to work on their core as they develop as a young team in this league.

They look for a win on Sunday (11-4-18) as they take on the Philadelphia 76ers at home in the Barclays.

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