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Quick Thoughts: Giants New Offense

Credit: William Perlman/The Star-Ledger via USA TODAY Sports

Credit: William Perlman/The Star-Ledger via USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014-15 season almost underway. The New York Giants are ready to head into training camp. But before that happens people like me and every other writer covering the sport just love to think about all of the possibilities for the upcoming season. So here’s my thoughts on the 2014 squad before the Giants head out into the late July/early August heat for the beginning of camp. Let’s begin.

There are questions on defense for sure, but for the most part the team’s offense was the reason behind they’re rough 2013 campaign. So with that in mind the Giants brought in new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo in hope that his simplistic style on the offensive side of the ball can help the players stick to what matters most, keeping the ball in your hands.

Is there more to that? Well yes, but Giants fan’s should not be expecting a dazzling and intricate offense when the season starts. Get used to seeing a running game frequently. A big part of reducing turnovers and keeping the game in your team’s favor is having a solid running attack that can tire the opponents defense and allow you to control the clock. Trust me Eli, big brother Peyton can’t throw for six touchdowns if he’s spending most of his time sitting on the bench. Newly acquired Rashad Jennings should provide them with that trustworthy back that they’ve been looking for.

Secondly the passing game. Eli Manning didn’t have his best season last year, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean it was all his fault either. The Giant’s offensive line was terrible throughout most of the season. Add that with a non-consistent receiving core and you’re going to have issues. That’s why this offseason the Giants went out and signed OT Geoff Schwartz formally of the Kansas City Chiefs. Schwartz has excellent size and can be an asset in the passing game as well as a mauler in the run game. He is also very versatile as he can play guard or right tackle. The G-Men also signed OG John Jerry from the Miami Dolphins. Jerry was not wanted back in Miami mostly for being tied to the bullying scandal that served as a huge distraction for a young Dolphins organization. Jerry however is a decent pass blocker and has showed signs of improving in the run blocking game.

In the Draft, New York yet again showed their need for more offensive skill players by passing on Zach Martin and selecting WR Odell Beckham Jr. The receiver out of LSU has  both quick hands and feet to separate him from defensive backs and has outstanding leaping ability. Beckham doesn’t however, have that top-end speed to beat out his defenders vertically and isn’t as physical in a crowd of defenders as his former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry. Look for the Giants to utilize his shiftiness and leaping ability in the red zone.

The season looks promising for this squad going forward as McAdoo’s system will be easier to learn for the younger players allowing them to focus on their skill set. It will also help Eli get rid of the ball faster as mostly slants and quick handoffs will be most of the offensive scheme.

“I think that football is a simple game,” McAdoo said. “And if you take care of the football, if you’re a fundamental team and you’re sound and you’re smart, then you have a chance to win on Sunday.”


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