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November 10, 2015, Queens, NY  Call it a comeback. Boston’s Own John Payant (J-Pay) overtook rival Kool Moe Dee to tie BronxBorn for first in our PureSportsNY NFL Picks, going 8-5. The hip-hop icon jumped out to a 7-1 start along with BronxBorn. Both seemed poised for victory. But the bottom fell out in the afternoon and evening slate of games, and none of Moe Dee’s picks won.

BronxBorn was in first place as of Sunday night when the Eagles beat the Cowboys, but J-Pay was the lone expert who picked the Chicago Bears who came back and beat the San Diego Chargers last night. J-Pay’s streak of four in a row was stopped last week by Moe Dee. This season, J-Pay has won four weeks outright and tied for first once. Moe Dee has won three times and tied for first once.

Newcomer Bad Barry Holmes got off to a shaky start going 5-8 in his debut week. Jerald Hoover and Vincent Davis tied at 6-7. Bad Barry Holmes can find solace in BronxBorn’s accomplishment. Last week, BronxBorn was at the bottom of the heap only to come back and tie for the top slot.

Expect Moe Dee to come back with unbridled ferocity.  J-Pay and BronxBorn will  seek outright victory for Week 10. Hoover and Vincent Davis will be no less determined to win, and Bad Barry Holmes looks to rebound. Every week is harder.

Pickin’ ain’t easy.

Professor Clifford Benton can be reached at @cliffordbenton.

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