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Knicks Zing Pistons 105 to 102

MSG: The Garden was buzzing last night, amidst the roar of KP cascading from the rafters of the Worlds Most Famous Arena. Could it be a changing of the guard? Kristaps Porzingis has game, and he’s not shy in  letting the rest of the league see his potential. Prozingis was on top of his game, knocking down shots with ease, displaying a versatility that most thought he was capable of producing . It was one of those nights when a player knows he can’t be stopped. At the end of the second quarter heading into halftime Porzingis had 25 points to lead the Knicks. The team appears to be coming together slowly, after struggling to start the season. Currently the Knicks are on a two game winning streak after defeating the Mavericks on Monday night.

Melo provided 22 points on (9 of 17) shooting from the field. During his post game interview Melo stated he could see something in Prozingis eyes last night, “you know when a guy has it going”. Just give him the ball. Porzingis scored a career high 35 point on (13 of 22) from the field, after game he said to the Garden crowded he hoped to score 40. Although the Knicks are showing promise the elephant in the room is DEFENSE. When you allow your opponents to average 103 points per-game you can’t expect to win many games. Derrick Rose has been adamant about the teams defensive struggles. It appears they are trying to rectify things on that end of the floor. This was a quality win against a tough, and physical Eastern Conference opponent.


Vernon McKenzie: PureSportsNY

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